Download Audio and Presentations from previous years

John Launchbury – Portland, Oregon, USA
Study 1 – Crucified With Christ audio  
Study 2 – Sin and Poverty of Law audio  
Study 3 – Subject to Vanity audio  
Study 4 – Search me and Know my Heart audio  

John Pople – San Francisco Peninsula, California, USA
John Pople’s talks are very much audio-visual and the videos make this very obvious.

Special thanks to John Bliss and Bruce Trenwith for the raw video footage. I have overdubbed the videos with the audio files as per the top folder because the camera audio picked up a lot of extraneous noise. I have not watched them all the way through so if there are any problems with them, please let me know.

In Jesus,

Wayne Smith

Study 1 – Beyond the Cross audio slides video
Study 2 – The Pierced Slave audio slides video
Study 3 – Atonement audio slides video
Study 4 – The Blood is the Life audio slides video

Dan Pogson, Toronto NSW


Jesse and the Ten Cream Cheeses audio  
David and Jonathan audio  
Abigail audio  
God Lights David’s Candle audio  
The Crown has come to Ziklag audio  

John Greenwood, Yeovil, UK

The Spirit of God

The Spirit of Truth audio slides
The Spirit of Holiness audio slides
The Spirit of Life audio slides
The Spirit of Grace audio slides
The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit audio slides

Jonathon Pogson, North West NSW

Knowing Jesus through the disciple Jesus loved

In the Bosom of the Father audio  
Who is this Son of Man? audio  
This is life eternal audio  
It is finished audio  

David Garnand, Portland, Oregon, USA

The Kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking

The Good News of the Kingdom audio  
he Kingdom in Action audio  
The King and His Kingdom audio  
God manifestation, not Human Salvation audio  
Rebirth audio  

John Launchbury – Portland, Oregon, USA

Principles of Salvation

Exhortation audio  

Kyle Tucker, Richmond Chapel, Virginia, USA

Moving onto Perfection: our deceiving minds

Questioning our deceptive mind audio  
Faith vs our deceptive mind audio  
Our deceptive mind at work in everyday life audio  
The deceptive mind in Bible characters audio  
The deceptive mind destroyed in Christ audio  


Jon Fry, Canterbury, Victoria


The one who works wonders audio slides
Let me put a riddle to you audio slides
In the cleft of a rock audio slides


Doug Mogg, Mt Colah, NSW


Exhortation audio slides